If you are already involved in digital marketing, then you will be already aware about the Importance of pinterest in getting loads and loads of traffic from all around the world especially Canada and US. This platform could be a game-changing platform for you if you have the content whose niche is in high demand over western countries.

For those who do not know the pinterest marketing or pinterest app, you have used this platform! Yes, Directly or indirectly you have used this amazing image-based search engine. Whenever you search anything on Google and click on images as your result, Majority of those images are from pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best referral traffic sources available right now. The reason behind this is because a pinterest user usually looks to buy something and if your pin attracts them, you can get the sale.

How to do Pinterest Marketing?

Imagine you are taking part in a race and the race is just between 3 competitors. So, by probability, you have 33% chance of winning this race. Now imagine a race between 1000 competitors. You got it right, the winning probability is 0.1%

In Nutshell, the pinterest is a marketing platform with fewer competitors, but it is only ‘FOR NOW’.

For Now, if you are just starting out as digital marketer and want to increase traffic for specific website, then pinterest is best for it. Pinterest users base in India is low compared to western countries.

Do not be sad on hearing this because this is the perfect time to start your account on pinterest and gain followers on it. Pinterest is a platform, which shows maximum organic growth. Even if you have 10k followers on pinterest, your impression count may reach to 150k+

Another option is using third party websites to perform your ads. Any Website will do the work for you.

How to make Amazing pins without Graphic designing skills:

1. Using Canva

Canva is one of the most helpful tools to create pins without any kind of knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or any other heavy and hard to learn softwares.

The Drag and drop feature in Canva is responsible for their immense growth. The main thing about Canva is that you can use most of its features for free. Only thing you need to do is just create account using google or Facebook.

You can work on Canva from anywhere using Canva app too. But, from my personal experience in pin making says that creating pins on website is the best thing you can do with Canva. I bought myself a Canva plus membership because it has reduced my designing costs.

To Find more about Canva, Click Here.

2. Using Picsart

Picsart is basically free tool to create pinterest pins and This app has already proven what it can do. Many popular Instagram meme makers use this app to create quality content.

Moreover, it also comes as an app.

How to find your First Pinterest marketing client?

When I first started out as pinterest marketer, I wanted to do it for fun and experimenting. I made pins for fun. But if you want to do it for your client. Take every opportunity to showcase your skills.

To get your first clients, Talk with your existing network about it. Tell them straightforward that you need first client and tell them to give you the details of anyone who needs help in growing their business. If you do not get response from it. Start going to small businesses and explain what you can do for them. If you think that the client lead is genuine, offer them free service for a week. Work your ass off to get that first client and when you get your first client, Do their work with full devotion. Social Media Marketing is not just promoting a certain post or page by paying some money. Anyone can do that and call themselves a Social Media Marketer. Change their perspective with results and I guarantee you that the word of mouth will give you more clients.

This strategy works for Every kind of Digital Marketing services.

Interesting Facts

  • Google Lens’s algorithm was inspired from Pinterest’s search algorithms.
  • Almost 50 percent of its users are from Western world.
  • Pinterest got pins for almost 5000 topics. Yes, 5000 Topics.
  • Average Quality Pinterest pins can have its live period for more than 2-3 weeks. While, High quality pins may drive traffic for months.

Some Countries where you can run ads on Pinterest are –

  1. Norway,
  2. Australia,
  3. Austria,
  4. Belgium,
  5. Canada,
  6. Cyprus,
  7. Czech Republic,
  8. Denmark,
  9. Finland,
  10. France,
  11. Germany,
  12. Greece,
  13. honking,
  14. Hungary,
  15. Ireland,
  16. Israel,
  17. Italy,
  18. Japan,
  19. Luxembourg,
  20. Malta,
  21. Netherlands,
  22. New Zealand,
  23. Poland,
  24. Portugal,
  25. Romania,
  26. Singapore,
  27. Slovakia,
  28. South Korea,
  29. Spain,
  30. Sweden,
  31. Switzerland,
  32. United Kingdom
  33. United States of America

Will Pinterest Expand their operations in India?

India is a huge market and There aren’t any professional words from Pinterest about their development in Asia Continent but, Which Social media platform will resist 150+ Crores of Audience of south-east Asia?

It is never too early or too late to start. The Timings will never be more than perfect. Start learning pinterest marketing today.

So, Guys If you have any query regarding Pinterest marketing Feel free to mail me on [email protected]

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