Real estate as an industry has always had a natural inclination towards technology. The standard practices and principles have not changed, but the methods by which they are implemented have modernized significantly over time. With the rise of search engine algorithms and online marketing channels, it is more important than ever for real estate websites to implement SEO practices designed to attract users and drive traffic to their site. In this blog post we’ll take a look at the best SEO practices for real estate sites, how you can implement them in your own site, and what results they can drive.

Content is King

Google has long placed a high value on quality content because this continues to be true for SEO for real estate websites. Creating high-quality, original content is one of the best SEO practices for real estate websites. One of the biggest challenges facing real estate website owners is being found in a sea of competitors. There are millions of real estate sites online, well established and are already ranking well in Google. For a new or small site to compete against these established websites will be very difficult, if not impossible. So With that in mind, the best SEO practices for real estate websites will focus on creating content . With high-quality content, you can become an authority in your industry.

Responsive Websites

The fact that mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic has left no room for doubt that the real estate industry needs to be mobile-friendly. The mobile traffic statistics for real estate websites are even more staggering. If you want to be found in today’s digital world, your website must be mobile-friendly. Recent studies have shown that Google will penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. With the rising importance of mobile traffic and the decreasing tolerance for non-mobile-friendly websites. Real estate site owners must shift their focus away from desktop traffic and towards how their site is performing on mobile devices.

SEO Friendly URL Structure

The URL of your website is another area where SEO practices can be implemented to optimize your real estate website. URLs are created to help users understand what they will find on a website. URLs are also used by search engines to better understand what a page is about. Since real estate websites are designed primarily to drive leads and be found in Google, the URL structure has to be SEO friendly. One of the easiest and best SEO practices for real estate websites is to structure your URLs using keywords and can include keywords related to your location, type of real estate, and the services you offer. If you are creating a website from scratch, you should get assistance from an experienced SEO consultant.

Video Marketing

Videos are an excellent addition to any real estate website. They can be used to showcase property and generate leads, educate your audience on the real estate process. Videos can also be used in organic search to rank your videos in Google when someone searches for certain topics. Because Google places a high value on videos, they are often a deciding factor in how a website ranks in the search engine results pages. One of the best SEO practices for real estate websites not only to find opportunities but also to include video content to help you generate leads and drive more website traffic.

Rich Media Content

There are many ways to optimize your site for SEO. One of the best SEO practices for real estate websites is to add rich media content to your website. Rich media content falls into three main categories. Images – Images are unique in that they are the only content type that can be read by both humans and search engine robots. Images can be used to help your customers quickly understand the products or services you offer.Videos – If you are marketing a product, video marketing is the best way to show how it works. If you are selling a service, you can use video to show people how your service works.Blogs – Blogs are written articles that are focused on a certain topic. You can use your blog to create more content for your website, as well as rank in Google.

Google Analytics and ROI Tracking

Another excellent SEO practice for real estate websites is to set up Google Analytics or another comparable tracking tool. This will allow you to view website traffic and conversions in one central place. Real estate businesses depend on the income generated from website visits . You can track the amount of time your visitors spend on the site with google analytics. Using Google Analytics, you can also track conversions. It is the process of a visitor completing an action that you want them to take.


Real estate websites are designed to drive leads and generate revenue.They must be found in the search engines. Among the best SEO practices for real estate websites is to create high-quality and also original content. The URL of your website must be SEO friendly. You can include videos, rich media content, and create a blog on your website. You can also set up Google Analytics to track conversions.


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